flowerZashata (Zasha) Burton draws upon her training and experience as a counselor, Holistic Health Educator, and Therapeutic Coach (R) to assist others in achieving greater health, well-being, and success in their personal and professional life.

As a Holistic Health Educator and a Therapeutic Coach (R), Zasha integrates her knowledge of language, thought, consciousness, and behavior with principles of present moment awareness to help others identify and eliminate self-destructive thought patterns and beliefs.

Zasha has over 20 years of experience in the alcohol and drug field as a counselor. In providing Holistic Addiction Recovery Services, Zasha’s focus is in helping clients, through individual counseling sessions and alcohol/drug assessments, to discover a wide range of healing alternatives to assist in their recovery process.

Zashata Burton works from the heart, and though her words when teaching come from years of study and reflection, what comes through as primary is the compassion and willingness to reach out to heal in the many ways she has been gifted.  She is most dedicated to her professional service and sensitively responds to the needs of her clients.” – Cecilia Corcoran, Ph.D.

316 Bush Street, Red Wing, MN