HELPING  YOU  HELP  YOURSELF



Health and well-being begin with you, the client. You play an essential role in your healing process, as well as in the treatment and services you receive. It is the goal of Moment to Moment Healing Alternatives to support and enhance the dignity of each person requesting and receiving services.  Services are offered regardless of race, color, creed, religious preference, sex, marital status, age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or disability, including AIDS or HIVS status. Our professional and healing relationship begins upon our initial contact. To achieve these goals a variety of complementary and alternative health care services are offered. These services include health and wellness coaching, holistic health education, holistic addiction recovery services (alcohol, drugs, and behavioral addictions), and/or human energy system healing and balancing (Reiki and Healing Touch).


Zasha Burton works from the heart, and though her words when teaching come from years of study and reflection, what comes through as primary is the compassion and willingness to reach out to heal in the many ways she has been gifted.  She is most dedicated to her professional service and sensitively responds to the needs of her clients.” – Sister Cecilia Corcoran, Ph.D.

316 Bush Street, Red Wing, MN